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Providing innovative and effective solutions for over 25 years

YED's proven success in this market is based upon providing quality, reliable, easy to use solutions and products. We provide free customer support and up to three years warranty on all our products. We have many years' experience in the combined fields of design, fast prototyping of solutions, manufacture and assembly in the military and aerospace fields.

YED produces standard and custom products, consisting of Avionic Databus interfaces for many standard platforms (USB, Hand held, Autonomous, etc.). Our USB interfaces are commonly used in PC's to test or simulate equipment and systems. We also provide a range of Hand Held Databus equipment (DATAIR-400/M3(V2), DATAIR-400/M3+ and DATAIR-1500/M3) for in the field use on aircraft where a PC or laptop would be too cumbersome. 

We are also a leading supplier of customised Airborne Data Protocol Converters. This type equipment is employed where two or more systems operating on different Databus Standards (ARINC 429, ADF806, PANAVIA, RS232, RS422, NMEA 0183, MIL-STD-1553, Analogue input and outputs, Discrete, etc.) need to communicate and pass data between each other. This is made possible using one of our Converters. There are many variations of these Converters as each customer's requirement are usually quite unique. Our modular design approach in our products allows us to quickly reconfigure or modify existing designs in order to meet customer requirements in a relatively short lead time.

Companies worldwide choose YED to supply their solution, because we have an extensive and proven reputation. Some of our customers include:

- Fokker Services - Embraer (France and Brazil)
- Boeing - NASA
- Lockheed Martin - CAE (Canada)
- BAE Systems - FRA Aviation
- Eurocopter - Thales
- Dornier-Seawings    - Honeywell
- PARTNER-Elc - IC Quest
- SAAB - Vector Aersopace