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ARINC 429 2Rx/2Tx to Serial

UPDATED FIRMWARE. The YED/A429-R2-T2/Module is designed to provide OEM's with an easy-to-use full function ARINC 429 interface. All the intelligence and bus timing protocols are handled by this module, thus providing a simple, rapid solution to add an ARINC 429 interface to a product.

Using a high speed UART on a host processor, ARINC 429 data can be directed to any of the four ARINC 429 transmitter channels. Similarly ARINC 429 Data received on any of the eight ARINC 429 receiver channels can be transmitted to the host via the same high-speed serial link. As this interface is a standard serial data link, the OEM is free to specify their preferred controlling processor.

The physical interface to the OEM host is via two dual row 2.54mm industry standard headers.

The interface card is controlled by proprietary firmware running on a STM32 ARM processor and our long time proven ARINC 429 FPGA IP Core.

Available ONLY direct from YED. Payment against proforma invoice.


All units are designed to meet the European and US EMC regulations.

ARINC 429 2Rx/2Tx to Serial Detail

The YED/A429-R2-T2/Module can operate in either Direct Send or Buffered Table Modes for both transmit and receive functions on a channel independent basis.

When a channel is switched into Direct Mode, data sent from the OEM host to the module will be immediately transmitted on the specified ARINC 429 channel(s). The same applies in reverse with data received by an ARINC 429 receiver being immediately sent to the OEM host. No filtering takes place in this mode.

When a channel(s) is switched into Buffered (scheduled) Table Mode, the host must set up a table of ARINC 429 data to be transmitted or received. For ARINC 429 transmission this table will comprise of the standard minor and major frame type transmissions. These transmissions can be from 10ms up to 1.28s intervals. With ARINC 429 reception, received data is compared with filter tables loaded from the host and if it matches, the data is then transmitted serially to the host. Received data can also have a count sample applied whereby the nth received label is transmitted to the host thus reducing the amount of serial bus traffic.

The user does not have to worry about bit-order flipping of the ARINC 429 Label (TAG) as this is taken care of by firmware.

There is no requirement to program the receiver channels for high or low speed data. All ARINC 429 receivers adapt automatically to the incoming bit rate.

ARINC 429 Parity is checked automatically for ODD parity on receive and calculated by the FPGA to be ODD parity on transmit.

The highest baud rate for serial interface is 1.8432Mbps, which allows for the highest throughput of ARINC 429 and serial data. Bandwidth is not an issue. Other lower baud rates of 921kbps and 115kbps can be selected by the host.

Serial data synchdronisation is incorporated into the protocol to provide robust communication. In addition hardware RTS/CTS type handshaking is supported, but this can also be disabled upon request.

The YED/A429-R2-T2/Module is powered from 3.3V DC supply consuming typically 300mA.


This product is also available in custom defined formats. For example it is possible to supply the STM32 processor and / or firmware, pre-programmed FPGA and supporting documentation for inclusion directly into a customer's product. This is provided under license.
See A429-STM32 page and YED/A429-R8-T8-FPGA page for further information.

Any other requirements or suggestions would be gratefully received.

ARINC 429 2Rx/2Tx to Serial Specifications

  • Connections: VCC,GND,TXD,RXD,RTS,CTS.
  • 2-Channel ARINC 429 Receiver.
  • 2-Channel ARINC 429 Transmitter.
  • Direct serial to ARINC 429.
  • Direct ARINC 429 reception to Serial.
  • Scheduled Table Send Mode.
  • Filtered Table Receive Mode.
  • Pre-flipped ARINC 429 Label
  • Automatic Parity generation on transmission
  • Parity checking on reception
  • Opto-coupled receiver permitting electrical isolation and excellent EMC performance.
  • All intelligence & bus timing handled by the module relieving the user from this responsibility.
  • Receiver automatically adapts to incoming bit rate.
  • The OEM can use their preferred processor.
  • Industry standard ARINC 429 line driver.
  • Out-of-the-box easy-to-use full function ARINC 429 interface.
  • Simple 5-byte command serial interface to control the module.
  • 115,200, 921,600, 1843200 Baud rate
  • 1-Start bit, 8-Data bits, 1-Stop bit, No Parity (alternative options available)
  • Optional serial hardware handshake.
  • Single 3.3V power supply (@300mA Max).
  • Measures 89mm x 51mm.

All units are designed to meet the European and US EMC regulations.

ARINC 429 2Rx/2Tx to Serial Downloads

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A429 R2 T2 Module