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DATAIR-400/M3(V2) Handheld ARINC 429 Tester

The DATAIR-400/M3(V2) is the next generation of the previous DATAIR-400/TR ARINC 429 handheld Tester.

The DATAIR-400/M3(V2) is aimed at providing the user with an easy to use first line diagnostic tool for testing and troubleshooting ARINC 429 avionics systems. It allows the user to connect to an ARINC 429 data bus and easily view the active ARINC 429 Labels on the bus or to generate up to 150 ARINC 429 test words to simulate a specific test. The receiver will automatically adapt to and display the bus bit rate.

The DATAIR-400/M3(V2) ARINC 429 Tester is a Hand Held unit that comprises an 8 line by 21 character backlit LCD, an alphanumeric keypad, a microprocessor controlled ARINC 429 receiver, transmitter board with a detachable rechargeable battery pack.

The DATAIR-400/M3(V2) instrument and accessories are supplied in a flite case, Part Number: DATAIR-400/M3(V2)/FC.

DATAIR-400/M3(V2) Handheld ARINC 429 Tester Detail

The DATAIR-400/M3(V2) features data entry in engineering units format for transmitted ARINC 429 data. Data values for up to 150 labels can be entered and the values and configuration can be stored in one of ten user profiles for easy and fast recall for different projects.

Standard labels held in non-volatile ROM can be recalled and saved as custom labels if required. These special labels can override the standard definitions if required. These custom labels can be suspended or deleted altogether if they are no longer required. The customised labels are also separated by the Hex ID -  Equipment Identifier as there can be multiple different definitions of the same label value.

We provide a software utilty for users that would prefer to define their custom engineering unit Labels on a PC. Further information can be found HERE.

DATAIR-400/M3(V2) Handheld ARINC 429 Tester Specifications

The DATAIR-400/M3(V2) has the following features:

Receiver features:

  • Label search of active ARINC 429 labels
  • Bus monitor displaying Bus Speed (“Hi” (100kHz) or “Lo” (12.5kHz), SSM, SDI, bits 29 ~ 11 in binary and hexadecimal, Parity and Label rate in mS.
  • Bus monitor displaying selected label in engineering units (BCD and BNR).
  • Automatic reception of Lo or Hi ARINC 429 bit rates
  • Standard ARINC 429-15 Label definitions for Rx included -  selection by Equipment ID code.
  • User definable and custom ARINC 429 label definitions – with save, suspend or delete.
  • Automatic preservation of setup between power downs
  • Opto-coupled isolated inputs

Transmitter features:
  • Standard ARINC 429-15 Label definitions for Tx included -  selection by Equipment ID code.
  • User definable and custom ARINC 429 label definitions – with save, suspend or delete.
  • Up to 10 Transmitter profiles for saving various configurations for use in the Lab / Workshop.
  • Data entry in binary, Hexadecimal or engineering Units (BCD and BNR)
  • On/Off toggling of individual data bits 11 through 29
  • Editable SSM field values.
  • Editable Parity.
  • Editable Inter-Word Gap (IWG) from 2-bits to 255-bits
  • Metric / Imperial units setting
  • Parity setting: ODD/EVEN/NONE
  • Real time update of transmitted data
  • Transmission of up to 150 labels at user selectable repetition rates.
  • Individual label transmission interval (10,20,50,100,200,500 and 1000 mS) word rates
  • Single shot mode
  • Selectable (Lo, Mid (50kbps) or Hi speed) bit rate
  • Non-volatile memory storage

Other features:
  • An 8-line by 21-character backlit display with 1 minute timeout.
  • Rechargeable detachable battery, 8 hour life on single charge
  • Low Battery warning on LCD.
  • Can be powered from an external 6V DC power adapter
  • Standard D15 plug connector with supplied test leads for connecting to ARINC 429 busses
  • Alphanumeric keypad for data entry
  • Custom Label definitions
  • Imperial or Metric scaling switch for engineering units.
  • The software on the unit can be upgraded via USB/RS232 using supplied cable.
  • Flite case available with pre-cut foam to hold the instrument and accessories
  • Full EMC Compliance to European (CE) directive.
  • Weight: 750g (with batteries fitted).
  • External supply: 4 to 7.5 volts DC. 350mA at 4V, 160mA at 7.5V
  • External DC Connector: 3.5mm Jack. Note: The Tip of the Plug is +6V.
  • Environmental: 0 to 50 ºC (operating).

Input: Opto-coupler isolated input
Voltage levels (Line A to B):-  
HI +6 to 12V
NULL +2.5 to -2.5V
LO -6 to -12V
Bit rates:-  
Low Speed 8 to 18 kbps
Mid Speed 40 to 60 kbps
High Speed 80 to 125 kbps
Output: Industry standard line driver
Output impedance: 75 ±5 Ω (Line A to B)
Voltage levels (Line A to B):-  
HI +10 to ±1V
NULL 0 to ±0.5V
LO -10 to ±1V
Bit rates:-  
Low Speed 12.5 kbps
Mid Speed 50 kbps
High Speed 100 kbps
Word rate 10 to 1000mS
Weight 0.55kg
Dimensions 22.9H x 9.7W x 5.4D CM
Power requirements:  
Input 6V DC @ 300mA external OR 4.8V @ 2200mAH NiMH battery
Operating temperature 0 to 50 °C (Indoor use only)
Relative Humidity 0% to 85%

All units are designed to meet the European and US EMC regulations.

DATAIR-400/M3(V2) Handheld ARINC 429 Tester Downloads

Click here to download DATAIR-400/M3-V201 User Manual
Updated 16 July 2019
download Download the Brochure for the DATAIR-400/M3(V2)
Updated 13 June 2019
download DATAIR-400/M3(V2) V2.09E Firmware Update
Improved BCD data entry.
Low Battery low values optimised.
Updated 20 February 2019