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DATAIR-400/TR Handheld

Part No: YED/DATAIR-400/TRm


The DATAIR-400/TRm Handheld ARINC 429 Data Monitor is an easy to use diagnostic tool. It connects to an ARINC 429 data bus for instantaneous display of the active Labels on the bus - without any preset conditions. The ARINC 429 data word associated with a displayed Label can be viewed by simply positioning the cursor over the desired displayed Label and pressing the SELECT button. The display will then show the ARINC 429 word in binary or engineering unit format, the rate of occurrence on the bus in milliseconds, the SSM value and the Parity bit. The monitor will automatically adapt to and display the bus bit rate. Further filtering on the selected Label can be obtained by selection of the SDI field. In addition to having the same receiver features as the DATAIR-400, the DATAIR-400/TR allows the user to generate up to 16 ARINC 429 Labels to simulate a specific test.

The transmitter (new part number DATAIR-400/TRm) allows the user to set up a maximum of 16 ARINC 429 labels for transmission and to modify the transmitted data field for each Label (bits 9..32) in real time. The data field on the first Label can be edited to ramp up and then down by one LSB increment at a time. Labels to be transmitted are selected in Octal. The frequency and interval of the transmitted word can also be set. Single shot mode is also available. Edited binary data is displayable as a hexadecimal value in real time for those users who require this format.

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