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ARINC 429 1Tx/1Rx with Serial interface converter


This converter (Part No. A429-R1/T1-RS232-RS422-R1/T1) employs a single ARINC 429 transmitter and receiver with an RS232/RS422 serial interface. The converter is housed in one of our standard ruggedised CNC machined blue anodised enclosures enabling it to be compliant with the most common sections RTCA DO-160 for aircraft environments.  

This converter will find applications where ARINC 429 transmit and receive channels are required with an associated RS232 or RS422 serial interface.  

The converter can be powered from a standard aircraft 28V DC power supply with a better than 4:1 input voltage ratio of 12 to 72 volts. The transmitter employs a standard ARINC 429 line driver interface supporting 12.5/50/100 k/bps data bit rates.  

The receiver employs an opto-isolator input providing electrical isolation between the aircraft data bus and the converter electronics.  

This converter offers extremely comprehensive features and the firmware has been proven in the field for over eight years without any reported issues.

ARINC 429 1Tx/1Rx with Serial interface converter Detail

This converter can operate in one of two modes of operation, "Direct" or "Table" mode. These modes can be set independently of each channel.  

Direct Mode
In Direct Send Mode, ARINC 429 data will be transmitted onto the ARINC 429 bus immediately after it has been received from the host via the serial port.  

In Direct Receive Mode, all valid received Labels from the ARINC 429 receiver channel will be written to the serial port.   The default data transfer is a 5-byte sequence consisting of a Header Byte and the four bytes of the ARINC 429 word.  

Table Mode - ARINC 429 Transmission
In Table Send Mode, ARINC 429 words are transmitted on to the bus periodically in frames of data independent of the host.   

ARINC 429 Data values are loaded or updated by sending a command followed by four serial bytes containing the new 32 bits of ARINC 429 data. The same value will continue to be transmitted periodically until it is updated.  

The rate of transmission for each label can be specified by the host using a command followed by four bytes containing the Label number, the Rate and the Group information (frames).   

Table Mode - ARINC 429 Reception
This mode permits the filtering of specified received ARINC 429 labels. In addition to filtering labels, a "count value" can be assigned to each label such that a multiple reception of labels must occur before it will be transmitted to the host via the serial port. This effectively reduces the amount of traffic on the serial port. The interface can accommodate 100% bus loading.  

ARINC 429 automatic bit rate recognition
The receiver channel will automatically adapt to the incoming ARINC 429 bit rate. The received bit rate can be interrogated by the host.   

The Parity can be set independently for teach transmit or receive channel.
Parity checking on receive can be set to ODD, EVEN or NONE. 
Parity generation is automatic and can be set for ODD, EVEN or NONE.
Selecting NONE allows control of Bit-32 by the host for transmitted words.  

Time Stamp of Received ARINC 429
A 24-bit time stamp mode can be enabled, which will be appended to the 32-bits of ARINC 429 data received by the host over the serial bus.  

Interrogation of installed firmware revision and updating
The host can interrogate the currently installed version of firmware. The firmware is also updatable via the serial port when required.  

Unique serial number
Each converter contains a unique serial number that can be interrogated by the host in order to identify multiple converters installed within an installation.  

More information can be found in the user manual.

ARINC 429 1Tx/1Rx with Serial interface converter Specifications

  • 1-Channel ARINC 429 receiver
  • 1-Channel ARINC 429 transmitter
  • Serial RS232/RS422 interface.
  • 256 ARINC 429 Labels capability Tx and Rx.
  • ARINC 429 Tx FIFO depth: 32 x 32-bit words in hardware.
  • ARINC 429 Rx FIFO depth: 64 x 32-bit words in firmware.
  • Serial FIFO depth: 240 bytes for Tx and Rx (not shared)
  • Periodic and asynchronous messages.
  • Transmission rates: 0, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640 and 1280 millisecond.
  • Transmission of 100/50/12.5 k/bps bit rate data.
  • Parity: ODD/EVEN/NONE
  • Controlled by simple 5/8-byte commands
  • Labels can be filtered
  • 24-bit Time stamp can be enabled.
  • Opto-coupled Rx inputs.
  • Automatic reception of 100/50/12.5 k/bps bit rate data.
  • Programmable baud rates: RS232:115k, RS422: 921k & 1.84M.
  • 15-72VDC power operation (28V @ 40mA).
  • Reverse power polarity protected.
  • Enclosure dimensions: 28.0 x 68.0 x 136.0 mm
  • Current & thermal fuses (1Amp/102Deg.C).
  • Customised Aluminium blue anodised enclosure with Iridite NCP plated surfaces.
  • Superior EMC performance.
  • Weight: 300g.
  • Compatible with: -
  • Y-SIM 429 ARINC 429 Windows Test Software

ARINC 429 1Tx/1Rx with Serial interface converter Downloads

     DESCRIPTION                      VERSION         DATE                  
download Click here to download the hardware User Manual
To request password click here
V1.0 18 March 2020
download Click here to download the Programming User Manual
To request password click here
V2.1 20 March 2020
download Click here to download the brochure    
download Click here to download the C API Driver source code    
download Click here to download the Demo API DOS program including source code    

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