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DATAIR-1500/M3 MIL-STD-1553B handheld analyzer

Part No: YED/DATAIR-1500/M3

The DATAIR-1500/M3 hand held data Tester performs a simple first line diagnostics and real time data analysis of the MIL-STD-1553B data bus. It allows the user to connect a MIL-STD-1553B data bus and conveniently view the active 1553 traffic on the bus. Displays of active Remote Terminals (RT’s), their respective Sub-addresses (SA’s), Mode Codes (MC’s) and their associated data words can be displayed within a few simple key strokes. Data words can be viewed in Hexadecimal format or customised engineering unit’s format.

Active RT’s, SA’s, MC’s and associated Data words contained within a selected 1553 message are displayed in a scrollable format on the 8-line backlit LCD. Control of the displayed information is selected by using the ↑↓←→ and ENT navigation keys and by positioning a cursor over the require field of interest.

Below are to see sample screen shots from the DATAIR-1500/M3 and its flite case.


DATAIR-1500/M3 MIL-STD-1553B handheld analyzer Detail

When an RT has been selected from the RT Search list, a display of associated Sub addresses (SA) and/or Mode Codes (MC) (“RT:10 R SA:10”) will be displayed. The SA list format can be switched (by pressing SYM key) between a list of SA/Mode message descriptors and a list of standard 1553 message idents with the hexadecimal values of the displayed Command Words. 

Selecting a message from the list will cause the Command Monitor to be displayed. This provides the basic information about the selected message including the hexadecimal representation of the Command and Status words, a breakdown of the sub-fields within the Command word, RT number, T/R, Sub-address and the Word Count / Mode Code. The repetition or Polling rate or for the message is displayed in milliseconds. It also provides an indication of which of the two buses are being used [P]rimary or [S]econdary

Message protocol errors such as “Word Count Errors” for short or long word messages are displayed when they occur.

“Status (Word) Bit Set” errors are displayed in English according to the 1553B specification and can also be displayed in binary.

Data Words associated with the currently selected message are displayed as a list in hexadecimal and in user defined engineering units’ format if a definition has been entered for the displayed Word. Words can also be displayed in tabulated format shown.

Custom Engineering units
The DATAIR-1500/M3 allows for the creation of user defined data words and saving them to non-volatile memory.
User Profiles
Up to ten user Profiles can be created and saved that will contain user defined sets of Word definitions allowing different test scenarios to be recalled quickly for a given test.
Firmware upgradable and customisation.
The firmware on the DATAIR-1500/M3 can be upgraded by the customer via USB link using the supplied cable.
DATAIR-1500/M3 Flite Case
The DATAIR-1500/M3 instrument and accessories are supplied in a flite case.


DATAIR-1500/M3 MIL-STD-1553B handheld analyzer Specifications


Part No: YED/DATAIR-1500/M3

Receiver features:

  • Dual redundant data bus analyser
  • Automatic Bus Search for RT's, SA's and Mode Codes.
  • Manual Search entry for  specific RT, SA and MC.
  • Real time data word monitor for selected RT/SA/MC.
  • Primary and Secondary bus detection and identification.
  • Display of user defined words in BNR or BCD format.
  • User definable 16/32 bit word definition in BNR or BCD.
  • Display of Word Count Errors in messages.
  • Transformer coupled inputs with standard Triaxial connectors.
  • Input levels: 5-22V pk-pk
  • Input impedance: 3kΩ minimum (balance).
  • Missing Status Bit Error identification
  • Firmware updatable via USB port.
  • Supplied with Flite carry case for all accessories.

Other features:

  • 25-key Alpha-numeric keypad with menu navigation keys
  • 8 line by 21-character Backlit display with 1 minute timeout.
  • Non-volatile memory storage.
  • Rechargeable 4.8V NiMH detachable battery pack. 8 Hour operation from full charge.
  • External supply: 4 to 30 volts DC @ 270mA (at 4V)
  • External DC Connector: L712AS Jack from Switchcraft. Note: The Tip of the Plug is +Ve.
  • Full EMC Compliance to European (CE) directive.
  • Weight: 750g (with batteries fitted).
  • Low battery indication on screen providing 30 minutes warning.
  • Environmental: 0 to 50 ºC (operating).

DATAIR-1500/M3 MIL-STD-1553B handheld analyzer Downloads

 download DATAIR-1500/M3 V2.3 Firmware Update
Improved message decoding.
Updated 28th October 2019
download Click here to download DATAIR-1500/M3 - V1.31 User Manual
Updated 26th July 2019 
To request password click here
download Download the Brochure for the DATAIR-1500/M3
20th February 2019

DATAIR 1500/M3