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YED Service, Repair and Exchange Policy

This policy document provides information and procedures laid down by the Company for handling repair of hardware products, which are subject to Company's terms of the Warranty Policy.

Products returned to Company for repair may be exchanged for new or refurbished units, which meet Company's workmanship standards for refurbished products unless specifically requested that this should not be done at the time of return of said products.

Repair or exchange of products under warranty: All products returned for repair within the warranty period will be repaired or exchanged free of charge provided:-

The product(s) are returned to Company within the warranty period provided that company's inspection of returned products does not reveal that the defect is a result of accident, misuse, neglect, alteration or other improper use.

Non-warranty repair or exchange of products: Products returned for repair is only available on currently manufactured products and provided that the cost of repair does not exceed the cost of replacement. In the case where a product can not be repaired it will be returned to the customer at their expense detailing the reasons for this action. For repairs outside of warranty a standard minimum charge will be levied as set forth in the price schedule contained in this document. The Company will notify the customer where the repair will exceed this minimum standard charge and seek written authorisation to proceed with the repair prior to the repair being affected. Such repairs carry a 90-day warranty from the date of the invoice charging for the repair. Repairs involving third party components will be carry the original manufacturers warranty.

Procedure for returning products for repair: Prior to returning any product for repair, the customer must obtain from the Company a Returns Material Authorisation (RMA) number. The Company will not accept the return of any product for repair without this number. This number must be clearly quoted on the outside of the carton and included in any documentation.

International returns should be made via DHL International (www.dhl.com), freight prepaid, and F.O.B. destination. The Airway Bill should be clearly marked to indicate that the products are being returned for repair otherwise import/export duty will be levied that will have to be recovered from the customer. Use of other carriers may incur additional charges. The returned products will be returned to customer via DHL International.

When requesting a RMA, the form on the Company's website should be completed. The following information must be submitted:

Customer name and telephone number
Product part number
Serial number
Software version in use (if applicable)
Full description of problem
Postal address for return of product
Type of service requested

Further information can be obtained by e-mailing to support@yed.com or by contacting a sales office in your area.

On receipt of this submitted information the Company will contact the customer with instructions for the return of the product.

Insurance: The customer should ensure that the consignment is correctly insured whilst in transit to the Company. The Company assumes no liability for loss or damage to a product during transit.

Product configuration: Products returned for repair or exchange will be upgraded to the latest product build revision unless otherwise previously agreed in writing. The Company reserves the right to refuse to repair or exchange any product that has been modified such that it is not possible to test to the original product specification.

The Company shall not be responsible for damage or loss of data contained in the product, which has been added by the customer to a product returned for repair.

Charges for repair: If charges are applicable, the customer must submit a purchase order that accompanies the returned product. The customer must prepay all shipment charges to the Company, including insurance charges. Product returns will be F.O.B. from the Company to the customer. Shipment and insurance charges will be included on the invoice.

Schedule of charges and repair times:

Type of repair Min. Warranty charge Min. non-warranty charge Estimated time to repair
Normal repair No charge $375 (USD) 20 working days
Expedited repair $475 (USD) $550 (USD) 15 working days
Expedited exchange Quote Quote 5 working days

In the schedule the "estimated time to repair" will be from the date of receipt of the product by the Company to the date that the product is shipped back to the customer. Any third party component sub-assemblies will be subject to the original manufacturer turnaround time.

The times quoted in the table above are minimum standard repair times and are subject to change without notice. When the total minimum repair charge exceeds that quoted above, the repair shall require prior approval by the customer.

Expedited Exchange Product Requests: Requests for expedited product exchanges shall be accepted at the Company's discretion and when an exchange product exists at the Company.

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