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Y-SIM 429 ARINC 429 Windows Test Software

Use our proprietary Y-SIM 429 easy to use Windows Simulation, Test and Analysis software to aid development when using our new 
USB to ARINC 429 adapter,

Y-SIM 429 provides added productivity through virtual instrument displays, chart displays, dynamic ramping data on transmit, flexible monitoring, data capture and analysis. In addition, captured data can also be replayed back out on to chosen ARINC 429 data buses for a variety of test and diagnostic scenarios.
All the usual features that you would expect are available including Standard and Custom ARINC 429 Engineering units as well as the ability to save multiple test configurations to disk for use with different projects.

PLEASE NOTE. DISCRETE (Bit) formats are not currently available.

Y-SIM 429 ARINC 429 Windows Test Software Detail

Our Y-SIM 429 ARINC 429 Windows test and analysis software when used with our USB to ARINC 429 adapter, YED/A429-T4/R4/USB allows the user to quickly configure tests to simulate, monitor and analyse ARINC 429 equipment.


Reception of ARINC 429 data

With this software you are able to set up a multi-channel data monitor and data recorder with time stamps. The package contains standard aircraft instrument graphics that can be assigned to any standard or custom labels to produce a visual representation of aircraft instrument behaviour. Standard and custom ARINC 429 Engineering Unit Definitions are included.


In addition received data can be displayed in real time Chart format against time.


Received data can be monitored in real time or it can be set to sample mode if a very long data capture is required.



Transmission of ARINC 429 data

Y-SIM 429 supports both Single shot and Scheduled cyclic transmission. Individual labels can be configured such that data is dynamically varied between user specified limits of Max and Min and against time. This is very useful for exercising a piece of equipemt where data between specific values is required to be generated.


Replay of captured ARINC 429 data

Y-SIM 429 supports the replay of previously captured and exported data from Y-SIM 429 software.  


This is a useful feature for when a data file has been recorded from a piece of equipment that invokes a data error with a UUT from the aircraft. Being able to replay recorded data aids investigation of potential faults in the lab.  This feature can also be used when ARINC-429 equipment is no longer available, when the YED-A429-R4-T4/USB is not available, or to allow several users to work on the same simulation result but on different computers. 

Y-SIM 429 ARINC 429 Windows Test Software Specifications

 Y-SIM 429 features:

-          Control and configuration of up to 4 Tx and 4 Rx channels

-          High/Low/Medium bit rates (12.5 / 50 / 100 kbps)

-          Importing/exporting configuration as XML

-          Setting  ARINC-429 transfers with standard engineering library

           or customized library

-          Setting direct or table receive modes

-          Monitoring incoming data, decoding accordingly to engineering library

-          Customizing engineering (BNR & BCD) library (customised label definitions)

-          Parity error injection/detection (ODD/EVEN/NONE)

-          Showing data on avionics instruments

-          Filtering from channel or label

-          Row & table monitor with time stamp

-          Exporting data to CSV file

-          Replay mode (Replays previously captured data file)

-          Equipment ID is customizable for each channel, possibility to modify the

           equipment ID during runtime if 377 label is received

-          Traffic statistics

-          Runtime simulation (dynamic ramps, etc)


Y-SIM 429 ARINC 429 Windows Test Software Downloads


User Manual for Y-SIM-429 V1.4.4 - 21st January 2020

Download the user manual for YSIM-429

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Updated Y-SIM-429 Windows software V1.4.4 8th April 2020
Click here to download Y-SIM-429 V1.4.4 ARINC 429 Windows Test Software

NOTE: Download and Install new USB Adapter firmware V2.1  prior to using this new Y-SIM-429 S/W if you are migrating from a Licensed installation.
Click here for instructions for updating the firmware (V2.1)