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YED Avionics Ltd Limited Warranty Conditions

i) The Company shall provide 36 months warranty from the date of despatch on parts and labour on goods supplied by the company conditional upon the fact that the supplied goods are free from signs of misuse or abuse.

ii) Software warranty is limited to 90 days.

iii) Carriage and packaging costs are not covered by the warranty.

iv) All warranties are subject to full payment being received for goods supplied.

v) The Company shall, at its option, either repair or replace product(s), which prove to be defective. To obtain warranty for any product supplied, the product must be delivered to Company, carriage prepaid in accordance with Company's "Service and Repair Policy".

vi) Unauthorised modification, misuse, abuse or negligence to the product will void warranty. Warranty will also be voided if the product is operated or stored in an environment that exceeds the product environmental performance specification.

vii) Repair and/or replacement as described in our Trading Terms and Conditions is the exclusive remedy of the customer or other end user.


The above warranty is in lieu of all other expressed, implied or statutory warranties including without limitation those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The Company shall not be liable for any actual, perceived, exemplary, indirect or consequential damages including loss of goodwill and profits suffered by customer and/or any end user resulting from the non-delivery, use or inability to use the products. The company has no responsibility whatsoever for reimbursing customer or other end users, nor shall Company be liable in damages for repair or replacement costs incurred by customer or its end users, in connection with Company's products without Company first having given it written authorisation for such charges without Company having first had the opportunity to perform its warranty obligations as set forth herein. Any assistance rendered by Company by way of technical assistance shall not result in Company's warranties being enlarged by way of obligation or liability.

Further information can be obtained by e-mail at support@yed.com or by contacting a sales office in your area.

Click here to download a copy of our Warranty Policy (dated 11th December 2015)