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ARINC 429 1Tx/1Rx RS232/RS422 Converter

The A429-R1/T1-RS232-RS422-R1/T1 converter can operate in two differnet modes. The first mode is "Direct Mode" which operates by transmitting ARINC 429 data as it is received from the serial port and sends received ARINC 429 data to to the serial port as it is received.

The second mode is "Table Mode" and this allows for the creation of transmitter and receiver tables containing ARINC 429 data words that are to be periodically transmitted (frames) and ARINC 429 labels that are to be filtered prior to sending then to the serial port. 

This converter is designed for aircraft installation and comprises many useful modes of operation.

A429r1t1 rs232 rs422s