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ARINC 429 4Rx/2Tx Converter with RS232/RS422

The converter (Part No. A429-R4/T2-RS232-RS422-R1/T1) employs a variety of 5-byte commands that enable the configuration of Transmitter Tables for sceduled transmission of ARINC 429 data words and for updating the value of each word iduring transmission. The transmitter employs standard ARINC 429 line drivers supporting 12.5/50/100 k/bps data bit rates. 

In addition 5-byte commands enable configuration of Receiver Filter tables with additional sampling features to reduce the amount of data sent to the Host PC. A 24-bit Time Stamp is also available if required. 

The receiver channels will automatically adapt to the incoming ARINC 429 bit rates and the received bit rate can be interrogated by the host. The receiver employs opto-isolator inputs that provide electrical isolation between the aircraft data bus and the converter electronics. 

A429 r4t2 rs232 rs422s