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New DATAIR-400/M3+ ARINC 429 hand held Tester

The DATAIR-400/M3+  is an enhanced version of the DATAIR-400/M3.
Please refer to the DATAIR-400/M3 for a description of the basic functions if you are not familiar with this product. The  DATAIR-400/M3+ has the following enhancements:

  • ARINC 429 data capture with time stamp (up to 11.9 hours duration with 100uS resolution),
  • Large 522,144 ARINC 429 Label capture to non-volatile storage,
  • Filtered ARINC 429 Labels to capture including the option to specify Conditional ('<=', '>=') data value, SSM, Parity error, etc., 
  • Start and Stop Triggers for starting and stopping a data capture, 
  • Relay contact to signal a Start or Stop of triggered data capture,
  • Pre-trigger and post trigger buffers so that events prior to the trigger condition can be viewed,
  • Extensive post data capture search and filtering tools on the DATAIR-400/M3+ to locate the events of interest.
  • Filter a sub-set of captured ARINC 429 Labels to display,
  • Search for specific ARINC 429 Label only,
  • Scroll forwards and backwards through captured data,
  • Jump to First record, Trigger record or Last record,
  • View All data or only data where values have changed (eliminates static values from display),
  • A 0 to 10V output that can be assigned to any Label that has an associated engineering units definition (ie. Altitude, Airspeed, etc), 
  • Discrete relay output that can be assigned to a discrete bit within a user selectable ARINC 429 Label,
  • Built-in USB interface so that an external USB / RS232 adpater cable is not required,
  • 5 to 30 volt DC external power input for operating the DATAIR-400/M3+ from an aircraft supply.
  • Low battery indication 
  • Metric / Imperial engineering units
  • Improved BCD data entry.
  • Parity: ODD / EVEN / NONE
  • Low Battery provideing 30 minute warning of exhausted battery indication on screen.

DATAIR 400M3+ Sky2