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ARINC 429 Multi-channel serial card

We are pleased to announce the release of a new series of products that will allow OEMs to integrate ARINC 429 into their own products without the need to invest in specialist in-house resources.

The product known as
YED/A429-Rn-Tn/Serial/Module (where n=number of channels) provides an easy method of adding ARINC 429 capability to an OEM product. Requiring a spare UART from the OEM host processor and a 3.3V power rail, this interface can be integrated very easily.

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Four module variants are shown: A429-R1-T1-Serial, A429-R2-T2-Serial, A429-R4-T4-Serial and A429-R8-T4-Serial.


ARINC 429 serial card